R&D Grants- finally some public debate

Yesterday’s Twitter exchange on R&D Growth Grants started by Sam Morgan ultimately saw too much focus on the people involved, too little on the issues. Yet at a time when there is very little actual public policy debate in public spaces, especially involving decision makers in Government, it was a rare example of the usefulness of social media.

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I’m back

The nine month career hiatus is over. I’m back on the road again.

It’s been “interesting”, as in “May you live in interesting times” interesting.  Definitely recommend people take on a fixed-time commitment outside their usual life paths. If nothing else, it will likely confirm your original life path is in fact right for you. Continue reading

NSA’s mass surveillance of NZers online

Part of my TEDx Queenstown talk next week is about mass surveillance online. How governments are building the modern Panopticon.

I was therefore quite surprised yesterday when Prime Minister John Key said he has no reason to believe the NSA has undertaken mass surveillance on New Zealanders. To help the Prime Minister, let’s look at what we know about it and whether an objective person should come to the same conclusion.

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