The Internet 30 years on

Radio NZ has a good report today on the Internet turning 30. Radio NZ: The Internet turns 30

It’s pointless to debate exactly which event constitutes the birth of the Internet. Given that TCP/IP underpins the Internet, “flag day” when ARPANET implemented the TCP/IP protocol on all connected computers,  1 January 1983, is a decent choice. So happy 30th birthday to the Internet. What about the next 30 years?

To answer that, it’s worth remembering that looking at the technical underpinnings alone, such as TCP/IP, misses the point. While beautiful in its simplicity, the question of the Internet’s future is about the opportunities and benefits from a highly connected, networked world.

No one could have predicted the last 30 years and no one can predict the next 30. Let’s just enjoy the ride.

“Flag day” for ARPANET


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