Crypto for the Masses is here

Everyday users of the Internet, i.e. the masses, can now easily use cryptography (“crypto”). Crypto for the masses is here. No longer do we have to send messages as the equivalent of postcards, open for everyone to read on the way. Crypto provides the envelope.

I gave a presentation on this topic at the 2013 Forensic Conference in Auckland on 14th May. A PDF of the presentation can be downloaded from Mega (if you’ve never downloaded a file from Mega, give it a go and see how quick it is).

The summary of the presentation was:

  • Crypto for the masses now meets all the market adoption factors. Is becoming increasingly common, expect rapid growth.
  • Mega provides secure, privacy-protective cloud storage and collaboration for everyone. 3 million users. Messaging and further applications coming later this year.
  • Decryption for lawful purposes impossible for Mega, others without password.

3 thoughts on “Crypto for the Masses is here

  1. The “Legal decryption issues” slide reads in part “Mega, like Apple for iPhone, can’t provide decryption key.”

    Perhaps Apple can:

    “ATF’s Maynard said in an affidavit for the Kentucky case that Apple “has the capabilities to bypass the security software” and “download the contents of the phone to an external memory device.” Chang, the Apple legal specialist, told him that “once the Apple analyst bypasses the passcode, the data will be downloaded onto a USB external drive””

    • Thanks Hamish. I was aware of this but my understanding is that Apple’s decryption efforts are limited to the US Government and takes several weeks at least. Besides, it is not clear that Apple provides the decryption key (it seems there is speculation of how they actually do the decryption).

      In practice, from a NZ perspective, the iPhone from iOS 4 onwards can’t be decrypted without a brute force attack on the passcode.

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