Introducing Swerl and C-Web

This is what I’ve been up to over the last few months: co-founding Swerl. The “big idea” is to make it easy to design, build and operate highly connected Internet services. The Internet becomes one large virtual computer.

At a talk recently at the Bitcoin South conference, I introduced Swerl and what we call the C-Web. Key points are below. This describes the ideas from a Bitcoin perspective. There are other angles, suited for different audiences, but the basic ideas are the same.

[Watch the video at Embedded video will be added here once it is available in two weeks time. Edit: the slides are quite clear in the video but are also available separately or for download.]

1. The blockchain is a technology step-change. History shows how step-changes start from the prevailing mindset and meet incumbent opposition before eventually transforming society.

2. We’ve only just started understanding the blockchain’s potential. It’s still a hammer looking for nails.

3. To fully appreciate the blockchain’s role, the wider context of computing is essential. This includes both the computing environment, such as multiple devices and big data, as well as the layers of value exchange, from the lowest level communication network to the highest level institution network.

4. To work with the blockchain in delivering a computing platform, we are developing an open and free C-WEB (Computing Web, Contracts Web). The C-WEB facilitates using the Internet as one large abstract computer and the only new component is a Transaction Router.

5. Hyper-connected markets, services and applications face the challenge of crossing boundaries. Data, identity and a number of other critical elements are locked into silos. A computing fabric consisting of blockchains and the C-WEB will overcome this.

6. Application areas also include big data, analytics, Internet of Things, business process management, and user-centric identity services.

7. Swerl is a company that provides commercial services to easily design, build and run decentralized applications, including a number of services directed specifically to the Bitcoin industry.

8. Currently we are working on specifying and prototyping the C-WEB as well as a customer is prototyping the first application to run on the blockchain + C-WEB framework.

9. These will be launched in the first quarter of next year, 2015.10. There is an opportunity for developers, investors and the Bitcoin industry generally to get in at early stage.

Swerl and I welcome all comments and expressions of interest by email to


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